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Beer Plastic Bottle Filling and Cap Screwing AIO Machine HZ-GZ
Beer Plastic Bottle Filling and cap screwing AIO Machine HZ-GZ
Main Technical Parameters
Equipment Outer Dimensions 1750mm*950mmm*2000mm
Net Weight 300KG
Production Capacity 200-600 bottles/H
Applicable Bottles 1.5L PE bottle
Working Stations 4-10
Power Supply Voltage AC 220V  50HZ (customized)
Main function and feature
1. Automatic control by PLC, all parameters can be adjusted.
2. Filling and capping process can be finished in this machine at one time.
3. With CO2 pressurization and could add vacucum.
4. Adopt isobar filling method and with unique pressure maintaining system,performance stable and reliable, beer loss minimum.
5. With pressure compensator, to guarantee a stable filling process.
Working process
Fix the bottles--co2 purge---- isobaric——filling-- pressure stabilization--pressure relief--stop--move the bottles to the capping stations--capping--take the bottle

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